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How It Works
Leafaway is a low-maintenance gutter system that protects your home and prevents gutter clogging.
Here’s how our seamless gutter,
Leafaway, achieves its high level of performance
seamless gutter

Leafaway’s patented, seamless gutter system functions on the principle of liquid adhesion, which easily keeps debris out of your gutters. Liquid adhesion is a property of flowing water. When water runs over a smooth surface, it clings to that surface and follows the shape as it flows, even on slight overhangs.

This means that Leafaway’s curved hood lets rainwater in easily. Meanwhile, debris like leaves and twigs, which lack this adhesion, slide off the Leafaway Gutter Protection System entirely.

Through liquid adhesion, our seamless gutter system has clean water flow and protection against clogged gutters. It is extremely important to keep gutters clean. Neglected gutters make the perfect home for birds, insects and rodents. In addition to attracting pesky animals, open gutters filled with dry debris can be a fire hazard. Not to mention, debris pileup can lead to serious damages to your entire home.