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Frequently Asked Questions
Customers need to know a product before buying. We've made a list of questions we hear most often.
What is Leafaway?

Leafaway is a revolutionary, one-piece gutter protection system. It’s covered by a debris-shedding shield with an exclusive design.

Why is Leafaway’s one-piece construction important?

This is one of the most common among the frequently asked questions we get. Leafaway’s seamless design minimizes the possibility of debris entering the gutter, which is a common problem with other gutter and leaf-shedding covers.

Will the Leafaway Gutter Protection System affect my roof and/or shingles?

This is also common among our frequently asked questions. The answer is no. Leafaway gutters are securely attached to your home’s fascia board, so your roof and shingles remain unaffected.

Can I buy the Leafaway Gutter Protection System and install it myself? 

No. Leafaway must be installed on site by professional installation crews.

Is my roof too steep for the Leafaway seamless gutter system?

No roof is too steep for Leafaway! Leafaway works perfectly with roofs of any depth and steepness level.

Will Leafaway work on a steel roof?

Leafaway performs excellently with roofs of all material types.

Will Leafaway gutters handle a heavy rain or downpour?

Definitely! Leafaway gutters can handle 24 in. of rain per hour.

How Does the Leafaway Gutter Protection System Work?

Liquid adhesion and gravity draw the water into your gutter while shedding debris, like leaves, pine cones and twigs that will often clog your gutters. This protects your roof from structural damage caused by failed gutters. Leafaway also does important work in dry conditions by keeping debris out at all times, which prevents clogging and overflowing when it does rain. Learn more about Leafaway’s use of liquid adhesion.

Will Leafaway gutters alter the appearance of my house?

Leafaway comes in a wide variety of colors and color combinations that complement and enhance your home’s appearance. You can mix and match colors for the cover and gutter bottom according to your personal preference.

In what lengths is Leafaway offered?

Every Leafaway system is custom roll-formed on site to the exact length of your home, but a typical maximum length is 100 ft. However, the longest installation to date is 225 ft!

What do Leafaway brand gutters cost?

The price of a Leafaway Gutter System depends on the length of your gutters. To get a price estimate, fill out our contact form or call us at 1-888-391-2550.

What is ice damming?

This is also one of the most often asked among our frequently asked questions. Ice damming happens when the heat escapes through the top of a house and melts the snow on the roof. When the melted snow runs down to the overhanging eaves, there is no more heat from the house (because of the overhang) and it freezes. The ice builds up until, eventually, it creates a dam that holds the water back. In extreme circumstances, enough water works its way under the shingles that it can leak through the eaves, or worse, into the house!

Ice damming and icicles are both caused by a lack of adequate ventilation in the ceiling and attic. Depending on conditions, a typical covered gutter system may make this problem appear worse. However, if Leafaway is installed with a dark color cover to match the roof, it often reduces the formation of icicles and ice dams because the dark color absorbs heat and prevents the formation of ice.