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Revolutionary Superspout™
The Leafaway Superspout™ design maximizes water flow and overall performance.
Truly Innovative Downspout

Highly functional rain carrying systems must be durable, attractive and able to handle water flow capacity. The Leafaway Superspout downspout design maximizes water flow and overall performance, without the bulky look of commercial gutters.

The Superspout effectively controls water as it is drawn away from your home and your foundation. Unlike ordinary downspouts, the water is swirled, like a cyclone, which allows debris in your gutters and downspouts to be removed more easily. This greatly reduces clogging in the downspout and increases water flow.  The unique design of the Superspout downspout and elbow increases water flow while still looking streamlined:

  • Subtle 3 in. square design
  • Improves flow by up to 50%
  • Reduces clogging by 33%